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So, Watari told me I had to make a... Blog? Is that what people call it? Oh,well... If it has cake, then that's fine with me.ツ

Of course, it would be MELLO to cause the trouble. ._.
How my followers have shot up so quickly deludes me…

http://instagram.com/littlelawli <—go love me. c:

L Factory c:
My Light-Kun&lt;3
I believe we are being mimicked, Light. By these two&#8230;YouTubers, are they called?
Justice…It will Prevail.…But I can’t let Light die.Even if it costs me my life.

decided upload a photo of me. uhm, yeah…http://instagram.com/littlelawli &lt;—here’s my instagram folks
Me and Light are too intelligent for these slow-minded baboons.